Images from Important Productions

These are some of the international productions that have picked Spain as their film set. Besides an illustrative image, we add details about the release date, the filmaker and the regions those productions were filmed in.

lawrence arabia

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962). Dir.: David Lean. Shot in Almería, Granada and Sevilla.

furia titanes

CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010). Dir.: Louis Leterrier. Shot in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

 muere otro dia

DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002). Dir.: Lee Tamahori. Shot in Cádiz.

 reino cielos

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (2005). Dir.: Ridley Scott. Shot in Huesca, Córdoba, Segovia, Sevilla and Ávila.


PATTON (1970). Dir.: Franklin J. Schaffner. Shot in Almería, Navarra and Segovia.

 imperio sol

EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987). Dir. Steven Spielberg. Shot in Cádiz.

 atlas nubes

CLOUD ATLAS (2012). Dir.: Andy and Lana Wachowski, Tom Twyker. Shot in Mallorca

 ataque clones

STAR WARS. ATTACK OF THE CLONES (2002). Dir.: George Lucas. Shot in Sevilla.

 rey reyes

KING OF KINGS (1961). Dir.: Nicholas Ray. Shot in Madrid, Toledo, Ciudad Real and Ávila.


CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982). Dir.: John Milius. Shot in Almería, Cuenca, Ávila, Segovia, Granada, Cantabria and Madrid.

 bueno feo malo

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966). Dir.: Sergio Leone. Shot in Burgos and Almería.

 fantasmas goya

GOYA´S GHOSTS (2006). Dir.: Milos Forman. Shot in Madrid, Segovia, Salamanca and Zaragoza.


CLEOPATRA (1963). Dir.: Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Shot in Almería.

 noche dia

KNIGHT AND DAY (2010). Dir.: James Mangold. Shot in Sevilla and Cádiz.

 tres mosqueteros

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1973). Dir.: Richard Lester. Shot in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Alicante.


PERFUME, THE STORY OF A MURDERER (2006). Dir.: Tom Tykwer. Shot in Gerona and Tarragona.


SPARTACUS (1960). Dir.: Stanley Kubrick. Shot in Madrid and Guadalajara.


CAMELOT (1967). Dir.: Joshua Logan. Shot in Segovia and Madrid.

tierra libertad 

LAND AND FREEDOM (1995). Dir.: Ken Loach. Shot in Teruel, Castellón and Barcelona.

caida imperio romano 

THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (1964). Dir.: Anthony Mann. Shot in Madrid, Valencia and Segovia.

 senores acero

FLESH AND BLOOD (1985). Dir.: Paul Verhoeven. Shot in Cáceres, Ávila and Cuenca.


RICHARD III (1955). Dir.: Laurence Olivier. Shot in Madrid.

 pandora holandes errante

PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN (1951). Dir.: Albert Lewin. Shot in Gerona.

 historia interminable

THE NEVERENDING STORY (1984). Dir.: Wolfgang Petersen. Shot in Huelva and Almería.

 hace millon anos

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (1966). Dir.: Don Chaffey. Shot in Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


REDS (1981). Dir.: Warren Beatty. Shot in Granada, Toledo, Segovia, Madrid and Sevilla.

 solo vive vez

YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (2011). Dir.: Zoya Akhtar. Shot in Valencia, Cádiz, Málaga, Huelva, Sevilla, Pamplona and Barcelona.

 alejandro magno

ALEXANDER THE GREAT (1956). Dir.: Robert Rossen. Shot in Madrid and Málaga.


As well, we pick some significant spanish productions where scenery is important.


laberinto fauno

PAN´S LABYRINTH (2006). Dir.: Guillermo del Toro. Shot in Segovia and Madrid.


CANNIBAL (2013). Dir.: Manuel Martín Cuenca. Shot in Granada.

espiritu colmena

THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE (1973). Dir.: Víctor Erice. Shot in Segovia and Madrid.


THE ORPHANAGE (2007). Dir.: Juan Antonio Bayona. Shot in Asturias and Barcelona.

el nino

THE KID (2014). Dir.: Daniel Monzón. Shot in Cádiz, Almería, Alicante, Gran Canaria and Madrid.

abre ojos

OPEN YOUR EYES (1997). Dir.: Alejandro Amenábar. Shot in Madrid.


VOLVER (2006). Dir.: Pedro Almodóvar. Shot in Ciudad Real and Madrid.

santos inocentes

THE HOLY INNOCENTS (1984). Dir.: Mario Camus. Shot in Badajoz.


ISABEL (TV – 2012). Prod.: Diagonal TV. Shot in Valladolid, Segovia, Toledo, Granada, Cáceres, Ávila and Madrid.


CAPTAIN ALATRISTE (2006). Dir.: Agustín Díaz Yanes. Shot in Madrid, Cuenca, Jaén, Cádiz, Ciudad Real and Sevilla.

la caza

THE HUNT (1966). Dir.: Carlos Saura. Shot in Toledo and Madrid.

biutiful joseharo4

BIUTIFUL (2010). Dir.: Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Shot in Barcelona and Navarra.


EARTH (1996). Dir.: Julio Medem. Shot in Zaragoza, Navarra and Castellón.


TASIO (1984). Dir.: Montxo Armendáriz. Shot in Navarra.


HIERRO (2009). Dir.: Gabe Ibáñez. Shot in El Hierro, Gran Canaria and Madrid.


VIRIDIANA (1961). Dir.: Luis Buñuel. Shot in Madrid and Toledo.

ocho apellidos vascos

SPANISH AFFAIR (2014). Dir.: Emilio Martínez Lázaro. Shot in Navarra, Guipúzcoa and Sevilla..


CREMATORIUM (TV – 2011). Prod.: Mod. Shot in Alicante.

el abuelo

THE GRANDFATHER (1998). Dir.: José Luis Garci. Shot in Asturias, Burgos and Madrid.


THE END (2012). Dir.: Jorge Torregrossa. Shot in Alicante, Castellón, Madrid and Lérida.

amanece no es poco

TO SEE THE DAWN IS ENOUGH (1989). Dir.: José Luis Cuerda. Shot in Albacete.

no habra paz malvados

NO REST FOR THE WICKED (2011). Dir.: Enrique Urbizu. Shot in Madrid and Alicante.




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