This is how weapons are used in filming in Spain


After the tragic accident that ocurred in Hollywood days ago, there is interest in how weapons are used in filmin in Spain. 


The first thing to highlight is the difference that exist in the regulations in force in the United States ans Spain. While there the use of real weapons in filming is allowed, in the United States blan pistols are not used, in Spanish territory they can only use blank cartidges and identification and authorization must be obtained to manipulate them. In Spain there are companies specialized in providing props and trick weapons for real fire simulation without risk, especially dedicated to filming.


According to Piluca Querol, director of the Andalucía Film Commision, "this tragedy has had a huge impact and we are greatful for being able to explain that in Spain security in filming is exhaustive, both in the analysis of occupational risks and in the control of weapons. Shooting are dafe"


Special effects companies, with a long tradition in our country, are specialized in making fire, pyrotechnic effects or explosions with the necessary security elements, as well as the transport ans storage of these products. You can also find professional stuntment who work stunt scenes. All companies are approved and have authorization to use these elements. Authorization that must be requested for each filming at the local delegation of the Guardia Civil or regional police, depending on the territory where the filming takes place.


The Ministry of the Interior is clear about the use of weapons in historical re-enactments, public performance, filming and other performing arts, where it establishes that only alarm and signal weapons, acoustic weapons and salvons and disabled weapons may be used, as well as collector's weapons with punch marks or certificates from the offical test bench.


Weapons and explosive material can also be obtained to be used in filming, through the territorial delagation of both the National Police Directorate or Civil Guard.


Whe offices of the Spain Film Commision network provide contact information tu search for companies and professionals, as well as to obtain the corresponding authorizations.













This is how weapons are used in filming in Spain