"La vida lliure", filmed in Menorca by Marc Recha, was awarded as the best film by San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa Film Commission.


This film has won the prize for “being able to reflect the essence of Menorca in its images with the consequent repercussion of the location.

In the framework of the 66th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival, the Prize San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa Film Commission has been awarded to the film “La vida lliure”, a story of piracy and contraband with a very minimalistic style. The prize consists in a monetary award of 10.000€, of which 7.000€ are for the producer and the other 3.000€ belong to the Illes Balears Film Commission. Other films also opted to this award: Con el viento, Penñelope, Ana de día and Yo la busco.


The director, Marc Recha, chose Menorca at the beginning of the last century as set for this film, a place hit by hunger, misery and influenza in a moment where the Frist World War was finishing in Europe. In this regard, the jury has highlighted the fact that this film reflects the essence of Menorca, its nature and its cultural values. In particular, the film was shot in many different spots of the island such as Son Ermità, Algaiarens and la Platja d’es Bot.

The story is focused on two kids, whose mother has migrated to Algeria seeking a new life. They will do everything in their hands to reunite with her and for that purpose they are going to ask for help to Rom. This film counted with the production of Turkana Films and La Periférica producciones, the participation of Televisió de Catalunya and IB3 Televisión and the support of the Illes Balears Film Commission, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies, the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency, the Balearic Islands Government, the Island Council of Menorca and the Foundation of Touristic Promotion of Menorca.

This is not the first award that this production receives, it has also been awarded in the International Cinema Festival of Gijón (best script) and in the International Catalan Cinema Festival (best film). Proximately it will take part in other international festivals such as London Spanish Film Festival, CineEspaña in Toulousse and the International Cinema Festival of Cali FICCALI.



Trailer. "Entorn de La vida lliure" from La Perifèrica Produccions on Vimeo.