Film tourism, a new thematic area of FITUR 2019


The director of Fitur, Ana Larrañaga, in her appearance before the Commission of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda in the Senate has revealed the creation of a new space dedicated to Cinematographic Tourism in the next edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR).

For Spain Film Commission, this new space, in which we are willing to collaborate, is good news in relation to our tenacious work in recent years with the aim of promoting tourist visits to the film and television scenes in Spain, that is, to promote screen tourism or film tourism.

The creation of this new space will be premiered at the 39th edition of the fair, from January 23 to 27, 2019, and is related to the tendency to segmentation and professionalization of Fitur, which aims to satisfy the demand of an increasingly specialized and professionalized tourism.

“This new area will join the monographic sections already existing at the fair such as “Fitur Festivales”, premiered this year; “Fitur Compras” or “Fitur Salud”, among many others”, said Larrañaga in an intervention in the Committee on Industry, Tourism and Digital Agenda of the Senate.

According to the director of the fair, there are more and more tourists who decide to visit a destination because a film, a television series or an advertisement was shot in there. She also stated that municipalities are aware of the boost this involves for tourist destinations and their support to this initiative, as they are trying to be chosen as locations for the filming of movies or television series.

In her opinion, with its climate and geographic diversity, Spain is a very suitable country that host all types of cinematographic activities, so it is important that the contest puts the focus on it. "We will see how we can develop this vertical in the Fitur's framework for 2019", she stated.


Photo: EFE / Miguel Angel Molina

Photo: EFE / Víctor Lerena

Film tourism, a new thematic area of FITUR 2019
Film tourism, a new thematic area of FITUR 2019